How to do voodoo love spell

  How to do voodoo love spell? There are many ways, including:

- Connecting to a deity whist in a state of deep trance;

- Engaging a spirit and sacrificing an animal to please it;

- Using a voodoo doll;

- Using sorcery involving gris-gris.

Inexperienced wizards who refuse to collaborate with trained shamans or enchanters should use one of the last two methods, as per spellcaster Maxim. For a deity to hear your voice, you should be a high African priest. This is a hereditary title that passes only to a legitimate off-spring of the grantee and requires years of regular training and consistent practice.

You must not try to call up a spirit either. Spirits are known for being liars and will do anything to get access to human energy. You’ll try to call up Shango, the god of thunder and lightning, Papa Legba, the god of the deceased, or Ogun, the spirit of war and victory, but it’ll be some otherworldly demon or a spirit of the dead man stuck in our reality that will come. This spirit is an energy vampire. It’ll sink its teeth into you and never let go. It’ll suck energy out of your chakras and mind turning you into a wreck of yourself until there is no energy left. If that’s the case, only a trained sorcerer will be able to cure your physical and mental diseases.


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