Importance of Chakras in Same-Sex Love

   To know how a lesbian spell acts, first, you should comprehend the working process of chakras in lesbian or gay people. In this case, as both partners in the relationship are from the same gender, their chakras, too, function similarly.

The first chakras of all men are created to radiate energies outside, while their second chakras are naturally absorbent to outside energies. Now when, both the chakras are created similarly, how do they attract each other?

If it is factual for people who are attracted to others from similar gender, all the bisexual couples you see outside would have never been together.  Factually, in these relationships, one partner’s chakra acts as a male does, and the other’s one is akin to female chakras. That’s the reason their chakras can emit and consume energies from each other, resulting in romantic bonds between them.

Therefore, in a lesbian love spell, restoration of chakras and energy balance of the person who needs help is imperative. Yet, several spell casters refuse to cast these spells because of this sole factor, as they don’t know the restoration method.

However, with experienced enchanters like Spellcaster Maxim, the entire approach of employing gay love magic would be different. First, he recognizes the nature of couples’ chakras and endeavors to repair the abnormalities in their energy balances afterward. After the restoration, when both chakras inherit the shapes they should be in for the relationship to happen, the energy conduit gets established again. It makes the relationship profound and everlasting.


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