Voodoo love charm

  An amulet called omamori can be used instead of a voodoo love charm, as per Maxim. It’s indicated with two hieroglyphs 御守. Invented by Japanese sorcerers, it was later perfected by Buddhist monks. So today you can buy it at an esoteric store and basically any Asian store. Sorcerer Maxim suggests buying such amulets at temples to avoid purchasing counterfeit products.

Omamori rituals aren’t real voodoo. They’re more basic. Initially the talisman is charged to achieve a specific goal, such as to help someone get married, to restore faded feelings, to attract a lover, to find a lover, etc. For this reason you should start working with it as soon as possible. This amulet works only when there are some items in it belonging to the person you love. These can be some small items or his and your hair or pictures folded in a way that the faces in the pictures look like they are kissing each other.


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