Witchcraft love spells

 Spellcaster Maxim’s website offers a wide range of witchcraft love spells and we liked one with the flower that is cast during the waxing crescent moon phase. Take a flower bulb and plant it in a pot. Put the pot on the windowsill. Make sure it’s exposed to the moonlight at night. Keep the pot on the windowsill during the waxing crescent moon. When the moon starts to wane, move the pot away and keep it away from the moonlight.

Love and take good care of your plant. When it’s on the windowsill, water it daily through a cone made of your photo, saying:

“Love will grow in the heart of my friend (his name) along with this flower.”


If you stay patient and water your flower generously and consistently (when the moon is waning, water it as any other flower), your beloved will fall in love with you by the time the flower blooms. This spell has a number of drawbacks though:

- If the flower doesn’t bloom, the love spell won’t work;

- This witchcraft love spell stays effective as long as the flower is alive;

- A human touch may break the spell;

- Flowers live and bloom for a short period of time.

If you want a love spell that will stay effective for a dozen years, you need to hire a more experienced spellcaster. Spellcaster Maxim has incredible magical power but even his spells have an expiry date. To make your relationship last, have your love spell re-cast every few years (ideally, once every 1.5 years). Without it, your love will start to fade.


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