Why do people use magic to make someone fall in love with you?

  For some time now, there have been a lot of talks and debates about the reason why people use magic to make someone fall in love with them ( by using “magic spell to make him love me”), and one question that always takes center stage is whether it is ethical or not. To help bus understand this topic and get a clear picture of why this subject pricks so much interest, Spellcaster Maxim has taken the time to share his expert take on the matter.


Speaking from experience, Spellcaster Maxim revealed that people who use spells to spell to bring someone to you or white magic spells to bring back a lover do so for a lot of reasons.

They realized they made a mistake (in the case of infidelity) and would go to any length to get their lover back

They could be doing it out of desperation — desperation to be noticed and loved by someone they feel is not noticing them

Out of vengeance — yes, there are people who cast powerful love spells for retribution, sometimes to get back at people who hurt them or out of the desire to ruin the life or relationship or someone that offended them. 

Having mentioned these reasons, we can now discuss each of them and why people cast them. This group of people — those who cast love spells to make someone love them after they cheated on their partners. A quick search on Google will show that one of the reasons why people have issues in their relationships or marriages is infidelity. You would probably be wondering and asking yourself, why cast spells after cheating? Spellcaster Maxim describes people as “complex beings” and goes on to add that they often take spontaneous decisions at different times. He went on to reveal that a good number of people who come to him to cast spells do so out of shame, regret, and desire to cover their act of infidelity. Here is an account of such an instance.

So, someone cheats on their partner, and the person finds out and decides to call it quit. After making an attempt to restore the relationship or regain the trust of their partners and not succeeding, they decide to use love spells to make their partner (either boyfriend or husband) come back. They then approach an online spell caster to cast “bring back my lover spell”, love spells to bring back a lover, or ” spells to bring back a lost love” in the hopes that the spell will make their ex look back in their direction and give them another chance.


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