Easy love spells to bring him back

 A major advantage of easy love spells to bring him back is the fact you don’t have to be a professional spell caster and study magic to cast them. You don’t even need to fast. Still you need to use certain magic tools and consumables, such as candles. I, spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP, want to remind you that you should always buy candles at specialized esoteric stores. Also you’ll probably need an altar. An altar can be replaced with a wooden tray or box if you cast a quick spell. The tray or the box should be sealed with wax and put away wrapped in some fabric cloth. Visit my website for more details.


One of the easiest spells is cast on a stuffed animal received from an ex as a gift. Rip it open using a silver needle and put a couple photo inside. Before you put the photo inside, roll it up and wind a natural red thread around it making 20 loops. Tie seven knots at the ends.

Stitch the toy up and put it in the corner of your bedroom. Put a candle in front of it, light it and let it burn for 40 minutes. Repeat daily for seven days in a row. Sit in front of the toy and look at it through the candle flame imagining your happy future and the moment you reunite with your former lover. Then take the photo out and cut it in half with a new knife. Then say,

“I’m not separating myself (your name) from you (the target’s name) – the man my heart desires.

I’m not pushing you (the target’s name), my universe, from me (your name).

I’m not killing the love between you (the target’s name) and me (your name) – it’ll live forever. It’ll become stronger soon.

I’m only temporarily separating us to end this separation.

You (the target’s name) and I (your name) will be attracted to each other like the two halves of this photo.

You (the target’s name) and I (your name) will get back together like the two halves of this toy.

I’m separating us for a short time to speed up our reunion.

The two halves will come together! The threads will come together pulling the halves together! And we’ll get back together too, you (the target’s name) and I (your name).”

Repeat this get lost love back spell as long as it takes to cut the photo and then cut the toy in half with a new pair of scissors. Put one half of the photo into one part of the toy and the other one into the other part. If you’re putting this love spell on a man, bring the left half into his house and hide it in there (preferably under the bed). If you’re putting this love spell on a woman, use the right half of the toy.

Remember that in this spell you must use a toy which your ex-lover gave you a gift and nothing else!


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