To stifle infidelity

 Cheating is a problem that might need an iron fist approach to solve. Revenge spells could come in handy when you plan to target the excesses of a cheating partner. There are two ways to make the most of revenge spells for a cheating husband/wife, or girlfriend/boyfriend.

You can direct the spell towards your partner directly to discourage them from cheating. Such revenge spells could range from a physical attack as a mild warning to some serious curses to reduce their movements.

Secondly, you can target the individual your partner is cheating with and get them out of the way permanently. Your choice should depend on your desires and how you want the spell to work.

Casting spells of revenge could be harmful. You’ll need help from an expert esoteric like Spellcaster Maxim to maximize your results and safety from casting such enchantments.


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