Love and lust spells that work

  Most relationships are more complicated. Initially most partners aren’t meant to be together so it’s quite reckless to say “yes” to a question, “Will love spells really work?”

Usually the problem is that the client barely knows the target or doesn’t know him at all. You may be watching the target and know certain things about the target and even happen to be not too far from him every now and then. But the target doesn’t even know your name and, of course, it never occurs to him that he may have a relationship with you. For this reason some rituals need to be performed in advance, for example, a ritual to improve mutual attraction, to eliminate rivals, etc. At the same time, the spellcaster needs to work with the client too, boosting the client’s beauty and sex appeal.

When the two meet and become friends, love magic steps in. However, even in this case there is no guarantee it’ll delivery exactly what is expected from it.

Love and lust spellsMagic is highly sensitive to the behavior of each of the involved parties. Below are some examples of what has been done in the last three months that didn’t let me cast my love spells successfully and made me recast my spells:

- The client provided incorrect personal information of the participants of the ritual;

- The client wanted me to put a love spell on a married man;

- The client failed to mention the fact that the target was an underage girl;

- Two clients refused to follow my instructions;

- One client disclosed information about the spell and started posting progress updates on Facebook.

I had to discontinue working with three of them. As a matter of fact, I always reserve the right to refuse service, especially when my clients aren’t being completely honest with me, lie to me, or want me to violate applicable or Heavenly laws. As for the rest of the clients, I had to re-cast the love spells. Of course, I had to charge them accordingly. Everything a sorcerer does costs money, so if you want a miracle to happen, be ready to pay.

Another possible obstacle is an energy disease, such as a hex, curse, celibacy wreath, lonely karma, old expired spell which hasn’t been removed, etc. An energy disease can push people away from you, preventing you from finding love. As a result, no love spell or any other magic spell cast for you will yield good results.

What does a sorcerer do in this case? He performs special diagnostics and offers the client a solution. If you’re suffering from an energy disease, you need special treatment. When you agree to undergo treatment (otherwise, you just give up on your love), the sorcerer will cure you. Then the magician will spend a few weeks restoring your subtle bodies. Once this part of the work is done, he will cast the required spell.

Now you tell me if you think anyone can promise a successful love spell without clearing up all of these details and nuances first.


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