Distance is not a barrier to the effect of powerful revenge spells curses black magic.

  It may interest you to know that some people still believe that spells can't affect people over long distances, and as such, they believe casting spells or putting death spells or other dark magic spells on someone that is not in the same city or country as them won't work.


According to Spellcaster Maxim, anyone with such thoughts should do away with them because nothing could be farther from the truth. You don't need to be in the same room or space with whoever you want to put revenge spells or hex on.

Effects are effective over very long distances as if the target was sitting or standing next to you. All you need to make revenge spells for enemies that work is a prior, and knowledgeable revenge spells caster like Spellcaster Maxim. He will help you cast the incredibly effective revenge spells that will execute their assignment regardless of where the target is on the globe.


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