Things to Know before casting a love spell

 When you make the decision to cast a love spell, there are certain things that you should know. If you follow the rules right, then you are guaranteed that the love spell will work. When you do not, you might say that a magic love spell does not work, whereas you were the one who did not put much effort into following the instructions from your spell caster, and if you are doing it at home from the manual, you were following.

Here are some guidelines on ensuring that the love magic spell works:

You must have faith in the spell. When you are doubtful of whether or not the magic will work, then it probably won't. It is essential to trust and believe both in the spell caster and the love magic spell

Understand the role of the love spell. What do I mean? A love spell is not going to change anyone. The focus is not changing someone physically or their character. The aim is to channel your energies into being one. Therefore, do not over expect the love spell.

Have the right intentions. Malice should not be the aim of your over spell. When casting the love spell, it should be from a place of abundant love

Know the right time to cast the spell. Do your own research before casting the spell. When is it best for it to be efficient? Is it during the new moon? Is it best on a Friday? The weather? Learn more about when best to cast the spell, this way, you have a guarantee love spell work

Be specific. Who do you want to cast a spell on? What is the goal after they fall in love? You should not have energies that are imprecise. know the end result before you start casting the spell

Be patient. With magic love spells, patience is something you have to learn to cultivate. Do cling too much into wanting to see the spell work


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