Most Popular Types of Abortion Spells

 Quick-response abortion spells

These abortion spells are quite common for women keen to end pregnancies few weeks into conception. Quick-response spells for abortion might be easy to cast and may require very few ingredients.

Early stage abortion spells

Early spells for an abortion can be cast when a woman is within her first three months of conception. These spells have a higher chance of being effective when the woman isn’t far gone.

Mid-stage abortion spells

These spells are performed when the target is within the second three months of conception. Some of these abortion spells might require many sensitive items to be effective, making them difficult for novices to cast.

Late-stage abortion spells

Pregnancies far gone (within 7 – 9 months) are particularly difficult to end. Most medical abortions can’t do much to stop pregnancies within this range.

However, some select magic spells for abortions can deal much damage to pregnancies, even at a late stage. It makes total sense to consult an experienced spellcaster before casting such spells. The entire makeup of these spells could be quite complex for an inexperienced spellcaster to handle.


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