Casting the love spell in the right and safe way

 Love spell with photos

Put the candles on the opposite side of the table and light them. Put the target’s item of clothing in the middle of the table. Put the note handwritten by the target under the item of clothing. Start saying the spell and repeat it until the ritual is completed. Put the target’s photograph on top of the item of clothing. Take one of the candles, press the lock of hair to the photograph to make it look like the target’s hair, and drip some wax over it.

Put the candle back. Take another candle. Put your photograph near the target’s photograph and attach your hair with some wax to your photograph in the same way as you did with the target’s photograph. Now turn your photograph over and put it over the target’s photograph (face down). Put your item of clothing on top of the photographs covering both the photographs with it.

Now blow out one candle while still saying the words of the spell. Put it over your item of clothing. Do the same with the second candle. Bundle up both the items of clothing so that the photographs and the candles were inside. Bind the bundle with the red threads crisscross. Now take the last candle and drip some wax in the middle of the cross on both sides.

Put the candle back. Let it burn until an about 4-cm tall candle-end is left. Hide the bundle in a safe place where no one can find it. The next day bury the candle-end near the target’s house.

That’s it. The love spell has been completed. Now wait until it brings results.

However, let me, spellcaster Maxim, remind you that spells of magic, love spells rarely succeed when cast by amateurish magic practitioners. So if your spell proves ineffective, contact me. I offer high-quality and affordable services. Learn more about my work on my website and remember that I update it on a regular basis to keep my readers informed on the latest news about magic.


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